"How to Earn Money Online in India" is a great question in our mind. So I am telling you about some ways to Earn Money Online in India.

You can earn Unlimited Cash or Money from these ways. There are 11+ ways to Earn Money Online in India. Who does not want to earn money in today's time? Hardly anyone will. There are two ways to Earn Money online in India, one offline and one online. You will all know about offline And nobody gets a job in today's time easily. In such a way, making money online is a big option in front of us. We do not need any education in this. Just in case our skills matter. In the case of earning money online, we get many benefits. In today's time, people are earning thousands of dollars in a month and we can earn hundreds of dollars in a month easily.

How to Earn Money Online in India

Here are some of the benefits you can earn by earning online:

  1. You can earn from home with the help of your mobile or computer,
  2. You can earn money without any limit,
  3. It does not have any kind of education requirement,
  4. More than half of the ways are not required to invest money,
  5. And the ways in which money is needed, very little money is needed, if you want, you can put more money,
  6. In this, you only need skills and hard work.

You will need these things to earn money online:

  1. You will need a laptop, computer, mobile phone or other devices,
  2. You will need an internet connection on your device,
  3. You will need some investment in some ways,
  4. You have to work hard,
  5. You need to be patient.

You need to keep these things in mind:
  1. Do not use any method that is illegal or scam,
  2. You can not earn them online quickly,
  3. You can not earn much money online in the beginning.

How to Earn Money Online in India

Here I am not talking about any such method which is a scam and will not give you money. In today's time, fraud on the internet has increased a lot and in this we become stupid. We continue to work on a site or platform that does not give us money for our hard work. There are several ways here that you can earn money quickly but it will not be too much. There are some ways in which you will start earning later, but you can make unlimited income from them. If you choose a way out of these, which is your passion, or your interest in it, then you can earn $1500 a month by earning effortlessly.

So here I am going to tell you some ways to Earn Money Online in India. You will have to read this article well top to below, only then all your doubts will be cleared. So its information is here:

1. Become a Youtuber

YouTube is a platform where we can see and watch videos as well as upload them. We usually watch videos on YouTube and we follow many creators who always give us video contents. Have you ever thought of why they make the video? What do they benefit from them? Creators get money to upload videos on YouTube. You can also make money by uploading videos to YouTube. These are called content creators who make the content as a video. 

To make money from youtube you must first create an account on youtube. You must have a Google Account to create an account. After login on Youtube with this account, you will have to create a channel on YouTube and after that, you have to optimize your channel like making a name, creating a logo, etc. After that, you have to connect your channel to AdSense. AdSense works to bring ads the video presentation on your YouTube channel. It earns you money. 

There is a condition to earn money from YouTube. You must first complete 4000 hours of watch time on your uploaded video on YouTube and complete 1000 subscribers on your channel. Only then can you monetize your channel with the help of AdSense. It is not necessary that you earn money from Adsense. Apart from adsense, you can earn money from affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and paid advertisement, etc.

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2. Become a Blogger

This is my most favorite way to earn money online in India so that I will cover it well. People who do blogging are also called content creators. Its concept is similar to YouTube. On YouTube, we make the content as a video, while in blogging, we make content through text. We write articles on it. Accessing any kind of information through text to people is called blogging. 

You must first create a blog and the most important things to create a blog are domains and hosting. If you want to earn money from blogging, you will have to buy the domain even if you do not take the hosting. If you are not buying hosting then you will have to use the Blogger platform for blogging in such a situation. In this, you get unlimited free hosting. If you are not in a position to buy a domain, then Blogger gives you a subdomain which is free. But if you can buy hosting, then you use WordPress

You can buy good hosting of WordPress and Domains from these sites

  1. BlueHost
  2. SiteGround
  3. Bigrock
  4. Reseller Club

The process of creating a site is long, so you will have to learn by watching a video from YouTube. You need to write blog posts while doing SEO on your blog. Those who will rank you in Google, that will bring traffic to your blog. You will find all the blogging tutorial videos on YouTube. When traffic starts to come to your blog, you can start making money from blogging using Adsense or Affiliate Marketing.

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3. Do Affiliate Marketing (as a YouTuber or blogger)

Affiliate marketing is exactly like running a shop. In which you give people the opinion of buying goods. In this, you tell people about a product or service and if someone buys that product or buys the service, then you are given some commission through the product or service, this is called affiliate marketing

There are three parties, the first customer, the second company and the third affiliate. You play the role of third party affiliate in it and work to bring the customer to the company. Today, Amazon Affiliates is the world's most trusted affiliate program and all people use Amazon for the product affiliate marketing like TV, Mobile, Clothes, Fashion, etc. But here's the affiliate marketing of many types of services like my blog is related with blogging, so I do an affiliate marketing of Hosting and domain here because if I do TV or mobile affiliate marketing here, no one will buy it because most people come here who do blogging.

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After dismissing the affiliate marketing category, you have to choose a platform for affiliate marketing. The best platform for affiliate marketing is blogging and the other is YouTube. Which I have already told you about. Apart from this, you can also affiliate marketing with your Facebook page and Twitter account. 

4. Become a Freelancer

Freelancing means selling your skills to people. If you are skilled in any type of work you can do freelancing. First of all, think about which job you are most interested in. You will be expert in logo designing, typing, video editing, app development, web developments, SEO,
Voice Over, or any other work. So you can do this for the people and take money instead of working for them. To do freelancing, you must first join a freelancing platform. There are many platforms available in today's time, which make the job of freelancing easier.

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This is some great and reliable freelancing platform and you can register as a worker on them. 

  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork
  3. Guru
  4. Freelancer
  5. People Per Hour
  6. Toptal

After registering as a freelancer you must complete your profile. You have to give your information in your profile such as your contact information, education information, and your location information. Apart from this, you also need to provide information related to the work you have done. For example, if you work related to web development, then you have to give the following information as How long have you been working for web development, How many experts do you have in the work of web development, etc. If you have a diploma in web development, you can also give this information here. 

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Now you have to make a gig for your work. In which you have to give this information that how long will you do the work, how you will work, at which level you will work and how much you will take the fees, etc. You will have to do the best work because people will work for you after seeing it.

5. Make money by Social Media (Facebook, Instagram)

Make money by Social Media (Facebook, Instagram)

If you are popular on social media or you have a Facebook page, Twitter account, an Instagram account which has a lot of followers, then you can use it to earn a lot of good money. You can also use these social accounts to affiliate marketing. To affiliate marketing, you will first have to create a targeted Facebook page or Twitter account and add people to this account who have an interest in the sport for example. After this, you can do an affiliate marketing of the product of sport.

If your account is popular, then the company will contact you automatically and ask you to do paid to the advertisement and for this, you can take money according to your popularity.

Apart from this, you can promote your blog on your account and bring traffic to it.

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6. Earn money from Typing work

If you have a computer or a laptop and your typing speed is quite good and you have an expert in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, you can make good money by typing. You have to register on the freelancer sites (FiverrUpworkGuruFreelancerPeople Per Hour, Toptal) to do this work. This is the work of freelancing, but I want to cover it separately. Typing involves many things like typing, data entry, translation, PDF to Word, editing, voice to word, etc. To earn money by typing, you can read this article. If you do not have a laptop or computer then you can use mobile but you will have a lot of trouble in mobile and you will not be able to work well because you can not use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, etc. in mobile as well. To make your work easier, you must add a keyboard to it.

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7. Earn money from Dropshipping (Shopify, or WooCommerce)

Dropshipping requires you to create an eCommerce site. After that, you have to add the product to it. You have to sell the product online to the people. You can deliver from Amazon Flipkart etc. if you have a Product Sale. 

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8. Earn money by Selling E-books

If you are fond of writing in any way, then you can sell the ebook to people. You can write eBooks on Story, Health, Personality Development, etc. You can sell SEO course, web development course, affiliate marketing course, app development course as eBook. To build a course first you have to choose a course category. After choosing a category, you have to prepare an ebook and you will have to make some pages to prepare an ebook. In which you will write your course. In the course, you will have to use Images and Tax. After the course is created, you will have to sell the course to people. Now you might be thinking about how will you sell the course to people. So you have to launch your E-Book course on any kind of eBook selling site. You can do this work on Instomozo or Amazon Kindle. You can promote the eBook course with the help of blogging, youtube, social media, etc. and easily sell the eBook course.

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9. Earn money by Selling Video Course

This is exactly the same as the eBooks. In this, instead of text, make a course in the video. You can create a Video Course of Photoshop, Web Development, App Development, Education, Coding, Game Development, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Google Adword, etc. Apart from this, you can also create a related Video Course of Fitness or Health, etc. After the video course is created you can sell it to the people. You can use these sites to sell the course:

You can promote your video course with the help of your YouTube channel, your blog, or your social media account. You have to keep the audio and video quality good in the video course you create and you will have to give valuable content in the video course when your video course will be sold.

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10. Earn money by selling Photos

In today's time, everyone has a phone that has a good camera. Or if you have a DSLR camera then it's even better. If you have a good camera then you will definitely have a passion to take photos with the camera. You would love to take some kind of photo such as wildlife etc. If you are absolutely professional in taking photos then you can sell these photos online. You can use this site to sell your photo.

You should keep the quality of your image brilliant. If you sell the best quality image then your image will sell quickly and you will get good money too.

11. Earn Money from Captcha solving jobs

Earn Money from Captcha solving jobs

There is one kind of typing job. When we register on a site or login, we are shown an image and there is something written in it that we have to enter it by typing it down and this is called captcha. If your understanding of reading images is good and your typing is good then you can earn $ 100 a month by captcha solving job. To make money from captcha typing, you must first register on sites with captcha typing jobs.

After registering on these sites, you will have to give a test. In which your Captcha typing skill test will be taken. If you pass into it, you can earn money by captcha typing job.

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Friends, here I have given all the information about making money online and you can trust them to be comfortable with them because these methods have been adopted by me and I also use these methods. Apart from this, I recommend you start working as soon as possible. You should not delay this kind of work because the competition is gradually increasing everywhere. If you had done this work two years ago from today, you can make money in the one month, but today you will need 6 months to do the same.

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