Want to know how to earn money online by typing? So here are 8 ways you can earn money online by typing.

Making money in today's time is not easy. When we start earning online, we have a lot of benefits. If you have a laptop or computer and you have a good knowledge of typing, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, then you can earn a lot of money by doing online work.

8 Ways to earn money online by typing

8 Ways to Earn money online By typing

To do a typing job you must have a laptop or computer. if you do not have a laptop or computer then you have a lot of trouble working. You can work from mobile but it will take a lot of time and work will not be good either. You can also attach a keyboard to the mobile to make your work easier. 

Benefits of Online Typing jobs
  1. We do not have to go anywhere.
  2. Typing is easy.
  3. Get good money for work (about $ 5-15 per hour)

You will need these things to do the job of online typing
  1. laptop Or computer
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Skills in Typing

This is some ways to earn money Online By typing

1. Captcha Typing

Captcha Typing

Captcha typing job is the easiest way to make money by typing. You must have seen the captcha, sometimes we have to type several horizontal letters, they are also called captcha, it increases the security of any site. Not much more by typing CAPTCHA but Pocket Money can earn as much money. 

You can earn between $ 10 and 50 dollars by typing Captcha on Kolotibablo or 2captcha.

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The rest of the work comes under Freelancing. He is the most famous type of typing. Freelancing is a very big topic and typing under freelancing is a very popular topic. This can do all the work inside the typing of freelancing. To work, you have to first make a gig about your work, which contains all the information about your work and seeing that people give you work. At some places, you can apply for work too. 

You can use these sites to freelancing

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2. Translation


Translation means the conversion of one language to another language. If you are an expert in any two languages, you can translate those languages with ease. Suppose you are an expert in English and have expertise in Hindi, you can translate the content written in English into the Hindi language. And if you do not have such a great expert, you can also use the Google Translate Tool

People always need translation work. But it is not necessary that the translation is always in writing. You may also have to do this work like voice-over artist. In this, you will get a small clip. You have to do a spoken translation of the language being spoken in it. And you'll have to adjust that translation according to that clip. For this, you should also have some knowledge of video editing.

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3. Data Entry

Data Entry means entering the information with the help of any device such as a computer or a laptop. It gives you a page full of information that can be in the form of a PDF page. You have to enter the information in your device with the help of Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel. 

To enter data through software, you must have a good knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word and other software. You should be an expert in this, then you will be able to do your work well. 

4. Voice to Word

In it, you will be given a clip of voice. You have to type things being spoken in it. This is called voice to the word. You may also have to do the translation in it. In this, you may have to do many kinds of work. In it, you have to change the speech given by someone in the Word also. You may have to do such work for a news website. For this, many tools in the market are also available that can make your work very easy. 

You may also have to do this work in many languages. It is not necessary that the work you got is in your language. Other work related to it is also called subtitle making. In it, you should get video editing. You have to first listen to the voice and have to translate it into other languages and the word created will be run as subtitles in the video. There are also many tools available in the market to create subtitles. 

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5. Editing

You may have to do all kinds of work in editing. You can also be given to do any well-done work. This happens when someone is disturbed or not done properly, you can be told to edit and correct the work. It is not necessary that you be given only at work, due to disturbances in work. This can happen when there is something to change in it which is possible only through editing. that you can. 

For editing, you can use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Reader X or PDF Editor Tool 

6. Content writing

Content writing is an easy and lengthy job. Because in this you are not given anything beforehand which you have to do. Just given a topic in it and some information related to it is given and you have to write an article on it. How long the article will be, how many images will be used in it and what will happen in it will be given to you by the giver. In this, you are free to write in your own way so that you can do this task without any problems. 

Content writing is a part of blogging, mainly bloggers write content from you. In it, you have to write content for things like speech, story.

7. Online Chat Agent

Every company uses chat agents, their job is to talk to people, to solve people's problems, to tell people about the company, you can also call customer care jobs in a way that you can do by chat it occurs. You can give this work to Whatsapp, facebook messenger or officially on the site.

To do this work you should come to talk to the people well if you do not work well then you can be expelled from work.

8. Image (PDF)  to Text (text)

Image (PDF)  to Text (text)

This is the easiest thing to type in typing. In this, you are given a PDF page which is in the form of the image and there is something written on it. You have to convert it to Word Form with the help of PDF Editor Tool or by looking at it yourself. 

Nowadays there are several PDF editor tools that convert direct PDF files into Word. But it does not work so well. In this, you have to do some work yourself.

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How to Do Work

If you want to work, you have to first create your account on the site I have mentioned. You can work on these sites according to your own, but I would advise you to work only on Fiverr or upwork. 

You must first choose one of these sites.

First, you have to complete your profile. You have to give information about your work, information about yourself, your education in this profile. If your profile is good then you will get the job done easily. After this, you also create a profile of your work. This is called a gig. If your gig is good then people will definitely give you the job. You will have to give information related to your work such as how much you will pay, how long you will work, how you work, etc.


If you have expertise in typing, you can earn $ 500 a month comfortably by doing these typing tasks. You will also need Patience for typing because typing jobs are not easily available. But once you get the job, the ratings of your profile will continue to increase and due to which people will start giving you jobs.

If you have any questions, you can ask me by commenting below.

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