If you don't know how to earn money Online In India Without Investment. So don't worry I tell you about how to earn money online in India. How to earn money online in India. We start work on any site without any information and research and after some time we know that this site is a fraud. so this site is genuine and trustable. You can start work on these site without any doubt if you have doubted you can comment on this post. From these ways, you can start earning without any investment.

conditions to earn money online in India
  • You must have a mobile phone or PC.
  • You must have an internet connection.
  • You must have some knowledge or skills like typing, data entry, editing and etc.
  • And the most needed thing is confidence and patience.

My experience with earn money online in India

I think online earning is very easy in India. You can earn millions of rupees in India in simple ways. There are many ways right here and many dates are a fraud. Many ways give less money and many ways give too much money. I have worked on the site many times without informing and they never gave me money because it was a fraud. 

Earn Money Online In India 

There are 16+ Ways To Earn Money Online In India Without Investment.

There are 16+ Ways To Earn Money Online In India Without Investment.

1. Earn money with Affiliate marketing

If you have a very good audience on Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube or Blog, you can earn millions of rupees per month from affiliate marketing. I'm not kidding. It really happens. If you bring a customer to a company, then you are given some money from the company that we call commission in India, it is called Affiliate Marketing in the world of the Internet. You can also sell goods in affiliate marketing or even sell services. Affiliate marketing poetry can be done in many ways. You can also sell mobile phone software domain in affiliate marketing. If you tell about the gadget, you can create an account for Amazon Affiliate. it is a famous way to earn money online in India. so there I tell you about 14 ways to earn money online in India. 

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2. Earn Money with Youtube

You will know the YouTube name. YouTube is the largest video sharing site in today's time and after Google, the second largest search engine. If you want to share your knowledge with the people through the video or you want to interact with people or entertain the people, then YouTube his the best option for you. To make money from YouTube, you must first create a YouTube channel and upload videos to it. You can choose any category, but do not upload videos of many categories in the same category. When your uploaded video has 4000 hours of watch time and 1,000 subscribers on the channel, the monetization of your channel will be turned on. After this, there will be an Ad Show on your channel's videos and the money will be given to you. Apart from this, there are many ways to make money from YouTube, you can earn money from YouTube through affiliate Marketing Sponsorships, etc. it is a famous way to earn money online in India. If you follow these tips so you will be successful on youtube.

3. Earn Money from Blogging

Sharing your knowledge to people through text is called blogging. Blogging is the biggest way to earn money in today's world. You must have a blog to do blogging. You can create a blog on both Blogger and WordPress. Where Blogger is free and WordPress is not free. If you want to create a normal blog then you can go to Blogger, but if you want to create a professional blog then you should go to WordPress. At this time blogging is very difficult for beginners. Make easy your blogging life by always using these chrome extension. If you are using blogger and doing blogging from your mobile so always use these applications on your mobile. You need to select a topic before creating a blog. Now select the topic which has less competition. You can also do affiliate marketing on your blog. Adsense is the easiest way to make money from blogging. it is a famous way to earn money online in India. For blogging, you have to know about "SEO". At this time are many ways to earn money from blogging.

4. Earn money from becoming a freelancer

If you have a skill or you specialize in any work, then you can do freelancing. You can do any work in the freelancing like Logo designing, web designing, SEO, typing, etc. There are also many fraud sites that make you work and do not give you money, so you have to choose real sites,

here are some real site names.
To receive money from freelancing always make a PayPal account.

5. Earn money from Selling E-books

If you have a passion to write, you can make a good income by writing e-books. To earn money by writing an ebook, you must first write an e-book. You can write it in PDF and Word format. After writing a book, you will have to upload that ebook to any bookselling site. You can upload this book to  Amazon Kindle. After uploading, you will have to set its price if someone purchases that book, then you will get the price.
Sell Ebook on Amazon Kindle

6. Earn money from Social Media

If you have an audience on Twitter Instagram YouTube or any other social media, you can do affiliate marketing with them. Apart from this, you can also earn from sponsorships. If you are Famous, the company will contact you for sponsorships or you can also contact the company. 

You can also take sponsorships by visiting Femebit.

7. Earn Money from Drop Shipping

In today's time, the shipping business is growing a lot, you can earn from one lakh to millions. With this, you can earn money online in India. In DropShipping, you have to create your own commercial site. You can make this site on Shopify After that you have to add the product to your drop shipping site. Whenever someone purchases goods from your store, you will be given the money you have fixed. Shopify will do the shipment of products.

8. Earn Money from selling Video Course

If you want to teach web designing, fitness, cooking to people, you can make a video course and sell it. You can set your video course price according to your video. Apart from this, you can make a video course on any subject and sell it. You can also sell your video course on Udemy.

9. Earn Money from micro jobs 

You can earn well by doing micro jobs too. You can do small surveys in Micro jobs, type captcha or do any other task, you can get some money if you do these tasks, you can do small surveys on clixsense or  You can also do surveys on Google Opinion Rewards. you can do the captcha typing work on the 2captcha site.
Do captcha typing job on 2 captcha

10. Earn money from content writing

If you are curious about writing and you do not want to create a blog, you can do any content writing. In this, you can take money from someone or write a post for it, or you can go to a site and write content. If you write content for someone then you can take money according to the word. If you are writing content on a site that is a news site, then it will pay you according to the view. If you are writing content for someone, you can go to the freelancing site or you want to write on a site, you can write on UC news or We media.

11. Earn money from link shorteners

You always share links with your friends or audiences. You always share that link as always. But you have to shorten that link and after shortening the link will be shared with friends and if any of them clicks on that link, you will be given the money. Here is the best site shorte.st. This new site launches daily in this field, you can find out about this from YouTube.

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12. Earn money from selling the domain

Today, selling domains have become the biggest way to earn money online in India. For this, you must first target the business which is growing very well and has not yet bought the domain of its name. After choosing your target, you have to buy the domain of that name. Now whenever the business wants to make its website, it will need its name. In this case, he will contact you and buy your name. You can take money according to his business. Here I have seen many domains in 2000000 rupees. Here you can earn thousands of rupees for buying ₹ 200 domain. You can also target donations that have expired and the owner is buying it. If the owner of the expired domain does not buy a domain from you, then you can work on that domain. Because there will be enough backlinks on that domain in such a long period so that there will be no difficulty in ranking them.

13. Earn money from selling Photos

If you are passionate about photography and you have a good DSLR then you can earn a lot of money through online photo selling. Because people who are Block Creators or Utube creators always need the image and they buy online images. You can send your images to the image site. You can decide the rate of your own image. If you want to sell your photo right now, then you can sell the photo by visiting Shutterstock, Istockphoto or Photobucket.

14. Earn money from selling the product online

If you run a shop in or out of your home, you can sell the product online. You can sell your product on Amazon or Flipkart. For this, you need to first create an account on Amazon or Flipkart and list your product on Amazon or Flipkart. If someone buys a product from you then Amazon or Flipkart will get that product from you to the customer.

15. Earn money from Mouthshut

Mouthshut is a site on which we can see how to earn a product by reviewing the TV and it is a very easy way. You just need to know that you should have knowledge of any product and your English should be good then you can visit this site Go and review and earn money. You can review any site. Now you can review any product or you can review any service whether it is Amazon, iPhone, GoDaddy and uber.

16. earn money from the Google User Research

Google takes feedback from its users on its product from time to time. So you can also give this Feedback to Google. Instead, it gives you 1 hour of $ 75. But few people get the chance to give feedback. After this, they email you to take feedback. You can use the money earned from it to buy Google's products.

17. Earn Money from Earning Apps

Google's Android is the most popular in today's time. So many apps are available on this platform. Many of these applications are those that can you earn money. This application gives you the money of doing some work like Video Watching, Apps downloading, Gaming, ads watching, affiliate marketing and many more. There are so many apps in it that they are very popular

You Can find More earning apps in play store or get information in youtube about earning apps.

Do not waste any more time

I have given you information about earn money online in India, what you have to do now is to do.

Maybe you might have wasted a lot of time now. So you do not waste any more time. If you like any of these ways or you have an interest in it, then start working on it without delaying it, because the computation is increasing in every field. If you still have a question and you want to know its answer, then you can ask me in the comment box. I will definitely reply to it. And if you want to write a guest post, you can ask me in a comment box or you can email me with a contact form.

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